Jumping into senior year with Amanda Reed!

Becoming a senior influencer is an awesome opportunity to to go above and beyond with your senior portrait sessions. This isn’t just the most sought after senior experience in West Virginia.... it’s the best senior experience on the east coast. 

What's in if for you?

Social Media Features

Modeling Opportunities 

*Exclusive photo shoot opportunities.

*Complimentary Cap and Gown Session

Discounts and Savings for referrals and shares.

Social Networking and Studio Events


* shoots are subject to availability, schedule as soon as possible.

As part of the Senior Influencer team you have some terms to agree to:

***You are required to attend one meeting or conference call with a parent before you can be considered.. You will be asked to sign a contract including but not limited to:

1) You may only use Amanda Reed Photography as your sole photographer from the date you sign the contract until graduation . If you use another photographer, all monies paid to Amanda Reed and or her assigns will be held by the studio and no products will exchange hands. 

2) You will rotate a senior portrait image from Amanda Reed Photography through your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profile pictures. You will also be required to post senior influencer announcements and images to your social media stories, share posts, events and ideas that Amanda may have for you. 

3) You agree to a minimum purchase of senior portraits. The minimum investment is $1200. We offer convenient payment plans which will be discussed during the meeting. A reservation fee of $200 is required to secure your session. This fee will apply to your purchase. 

******The model with the most referrals (minimum of 20) will receive a free iPad on top of all your other senior model benefits. (current base model at time of graduation)

Only a limited number of models will be accepted from each school. We don't like to say no to anyone but we can't say yes to everyone.

All shapes and sizes are perfect for the Senior Influencer program,  however your personality must be outgoing and energized with school spirit to help showcase our brand. If you meet the requirements fill out the application after reading this information with a parent! You will then be mailed a contract to be signed by you and a parent to be enrolled in the program.

Feel free to contact Amanda with any questions! 304-667-8507


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