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I am so excited to be bringing back the blog to share not only my images with you but also my words. I saved a few of my favorite blogs from my old site to include here!! I hope you will read these and gain some insight to my heart and soul. 


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
By Amanda Reed Photography
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I honestly cannot tell you how long we have been hosting Toy Drive Christmas Sessions but I do know we collect and distribute upwards of $3,000 in new gifts throughout communities each year. This is a cause very special to my heart. I remember one winter in particular after my parents divorce that my mom had honestly zero dollars to purchase anything for our family. I knew my grandparents would come through with some gifts for us but I was worried more about my younger brothers having nothing under their tree on Christmas morning. She probably won't want me to brag on them or their church but Sandy Sorrells along with her sister Debbie and their church if my memory serves correct funded our Christmas that year and that was a huge relief to my mom and to me, not because I felt I was in need but because I wanted my brothers to have a good memory of Christmas after their divorce. I knew that if I had the opportunity to give back one day then I would do so to my fullest ability. Our family has always had the tradition of giving back not only at Christmas but every opportunity we can serve but I wanted to do more and exchange my service for new gifts instead of a traditional setting fee. Sure, I give up fattening my own bank account but my heart is so full that I couldn't worry over dollar signs if I tried.

My services are expensive. It is where I have landed that make me comfortable and my supply and demand profitable for myself and family. I know that many if not most cannot afford what I do consistently on a full session so I deeply discount these sessions by 50-75 percent on most products. So how do the sessions work? 

1. Book your session and pay a non refundable $100 reservation fee that applies towards your purchase.

2. Bring a new gift valued at $35 for each person photographed at your setting. These gifts are donated throughout our communities.

3. View your images online and order within 7 days to make sure your products arrive by Christmas.

So what are your options when it comes to packages? Each client goes home with this price list:


2017 Annual Gift Drive Christmas Sessions!

Thank you for your generous donation to our cause. Your gift will be donated throughout our location to children in need of a brighter holiday. There were many Christmas’ when events like this put gifts under my own tree for my brothers and I when we were growing up and it is an honor to be able to give back.

Your reservation fee of $100 will apply to your order. Packages are listed below.


$100 Remaining Balance $0

2 Digital Files with Print Release


$200 Remaining balance of $100

11x14 Print

4 Digital Files with Print Release


$375 Remaining balance of $275

16x24 Wall Portrait

6 Digital Files with Print Release


$500 Remaining balance of $400

16x24 Wall Portrait

4x6 Artist Originals

All Digital Files with Print Release


Ask about adding an Heirloom Gallery Wrap Canvas to your order.


What can you expect at your session? I allow one full hour for every client. Some clients, if you are adults can be in and out in 20 minutes and other times we have six children who have other plans so I work on their time frame and in my experience this allows us plenty of time to get your desired outcome. Expect a laid back atmosphere, for my daughter to hold your babies and feed them cookies. We allow them to play with all the toys on set and give them a filling of familiarity once the session starts. 

If you are interested in booking a Christmas session or would like to be put on our wait list please fill out the contact for here: Toy Drive Session Contact Form


Thank you for making this a continued success. It would not be possible without you my clients.