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Friday, April 27, 2018
By Amanda Reed Photography maybe you don't love all the free stuff you get in life. I am thinking of a few possibilites. I like to give you awesome free stuff so let me tell you about some of them.


Attention: I seriously lavish you with attention. Getting to know you and your story enables me to tell it from the perspective of my heart and not my bank account. I don't want to rush anything about our time together. Sure I have time limits I like to keep for myself in the enjoyment of my own family and your poor husbands or dads you had to drag here with you. Which leads me to another point! Your husband will love me, sounds weird right? But he loves me because they get to spend their time outdoors with the most beautiful woman in his life..........YOU. I know how real life rolls and it's busy. Trust me, when I have you and your husband look into one anothers eyes it might make your knees tremble with nervousness because as adults raising awesome kids we often forget that connection that comes when you look into the eyes of the one you love and when I tell him to whisper something in your ear that is sure to make you grin he never fails, in fact he aims to please.....YOU. While the male figures in your life may arrive apprehensive they leave feeling energized 99.9% of the time. You always have that .1% that can't nobody help but their momma. 



Medicine: Wait, did I say free medicine? Yes and the best medicine in the world is laughter. I was raised around tough situations and I coped by making people laugh. Just this month on my aunts birthday I bought her a memory book and near the end of the fill in the blank page it read, remember that birthday when........ but I couldn't remember anything other then the fact that on this day my aunts mom died who was my grandma and the most beautiful human that could ever happen to a person and ya know what else happened on that day? Her sister died the same day several years later and that sister happened to be my mom. How in the hell do you get past moments like that and move on? For me I had to laugh and that's what I wrote and we laughed about it for a solid 20 minutes going back and forth.... hey, remember when your mom died on your birthday? Hey, remember when my mom died on your birhtday. So laughter has gotten me through some of the hardest days of my life because sometimes you throw your hands up and realize you just couldn't make this stuff up. I am so blessed to have laughter as a coping mechanism rather than anger or acting out. Now that you have heard about that crazy story you know we are in for a wild ride. I like to laugh. It makes me forget those hard moments that happen like the death of my loved ones, the realization that my skin is aging, my daughter will be leaving for college before I know it and soon a woman will fill a bigger role in the life of my son then I do. We all need to laugh. If I can get you laughing then I can capture you living!



Friendship. A friend is a very special thing to have and I am blessed to know that many of my clients walk away never being a client again because they become friends. My career has led me to the most beautiful and fulfilling friendships I could ever ask for. I am that text away when your child needs extra prayers. I am that phone call when you get accepted to college. I have even been the 1am come get your teenage daughter from a party because she is to scared to call you and I deliver her to your door. That road goes both ways as I often lean on those who first came into my prescence only for a portrait but I received the bigger gift of their friendship.



Experience: When you combine all of the previous details with a kick ARse session catered to you with set designs picked exclusively for your style and your desires then this isn't something you put in your digital shopping cart at Amazon. This is so much more. I miss those mom and pop shops that used to line mainstreet. You walked in they knew your name, asked how your family was and helped with your purchase. That's how I want my business to be. I want to give you that mom and pop, how you and the youngins been doing, why sure I can take care of that for you business experience. 



Some of the best things in life are free. I just happen to be blessed that God uses my talent as a photographer to give and receive those free things. I can't wait to see y'all for your next portrait session where I can throw some free stuff at you! 









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